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How I Put An End To The Swelling & Heaviness In My Legs For Good

Dr. Richard Dupont | Jan 3, 2024 | 12:12 pm EDT

Every morning, I wake up to severe pain & swelling in my legs.

And every morning, I spend hours in bed with my feet up…

Waiting for the swelling to go down…

In the meantime I lay there and think.

I think about how unfair my life has become.

Ever Since My Retirement, My Swollen Legs Made Life A Nightmare

I had to stop playing pickleball with my husband, Bill.

We used to play together, but now he goes alone.

I used to walk with my friends Debra and Robin.

Now I’m lucky to even make it to the mailbox.

Just getting from my bedroom to the kitchen feels like running a marathon...

And the worst thing…

When Bill and I were younger, we always dreamed of our retirement.

You know, the time when the kids are all grown up.

When we’d travel and visit our grandchildren and do all the things we loved.

Just the two of us.


My Swollen Legs Killed This Dream On The Spot

Not so long ago, Bill and I celebrated our 40th anniversary.

We wanted to travel to Greece.

We’d walk around the Parthenon... and watch the sunsets from our balcony in Santorini.

However… we had to cancel the trip because of me.

See, I didn’t want to be the one to stop every 5 minutes. I knew my legs could be a problem, so I started walking a little every day in preparation.

Maybe I walked too much…

Because one morning my calf was as big as a bowling ball.

The pain was unbearable.

I tried everything under the sun to bring down the swelling. I was desperate. I wrapped my legs. I took diuretics. I even went to a specialist who tried draining my legs manually.

Even when the swelling did go down… it always came back twice as fast.

So we canceled the trip. I was heartbroken.

Bill seeing my low spirits reached out to his friend who knew this doctor in Dallas.

Dr. Dupont was the best vascular specialist in the country, and maybe he could help.

I agreed to go, but deep down, I was afraid my only option would be surgery.

"Avoid The Surgery At All Costs"

Those were the exact words Dr. Dupont told us.

What a relief!

He assured me there was a way to avoid the invasive procedure and eliminate my chronic swelling within the next 14 days.

“Everyone is different of course, and I can’t guarantee perfect results… but this is the only thing I’ve seen with such a high success rate for people like you with bad swelling in the legs.”

For The First Time In A Long Time, I Felt Hopeful

“Let me show you something,” Dr. Dupont continued.

He opened his desk drawer and pulled out what looked like a pair of large knee high socks.

“I’ll tell you what these are in a moment. However first you must understand why your legs are so swollen.”

“Ok…” I said.

“Most doctors don’t bother explaining anything. I want you to know your body. So let’s take a look.”

It turns out the real reason your legs are swollen is fluid blockage.

Your body circulates fluid and so long as the fluid is circulating properly everything is fine.

But conditions like diabetes, neuropathy, and edema cause it to get blocked up.

Imagine a super highway that’s been squeezed down to 1 lane.

That is what is happening in your legs. 

The pathways are so constricted that nothing can circulate. So fluid becomes trapped and builds up in the legs and that's what causes the bad pain and swelling.

Here's Where It Gets Tricky

The combination of these 3 features will allow you to return to daily walks, yoga, tennis, jogging, and get up and down stairs completely free of pain & swelling.

What’s more is the socks are extremely easy to use. 

They slide on and off very easy so all you have to do is put them on in the morning and go about your day.

I got 3 pairs to start so I’d always have a fresh pair on hand.

Now, I didn’t expect overnight results.

It took years for my swelling to get this bad.

So I expected it to take at least a few months to restore my old legs.

However to my surprise…

Years of Pain, Swelling & Embarrassment, Gone In Less Than 14 Days

It’s Like Having An Off-Switch For Leg Swelling

Over 95% Of Users Report Feeling Relief After Just One Day

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You Don't Deserve A Life Filled With Swelling & Discomfort

Think about how great it’ll feel to move without pain again.

To spend time with family…

To play with your grandchildren…

And create memories with friends…

This gift of life is yours for the taking.

And unlike the surgery or more doctors appointments, it won’t cost you thousands of dollars.

It won’t even cost you hundreds of dollars…

Permanent relief can be yours today...

The way I look at it, there is nothing to lose.

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